As the quintessential East Coast Kid, Carlton Burroughs was born in Philly and raised by his Grandparents from the age of 2 in a small South Carolina town.  He fell in love with music at an early age, and his style was heavily steeped in the Southern Gospel culture, as he played piano for several local churches from the age of 16.  When he wasn’t playing in church, he was playing the saxophone and keyboard in various high school bands.  He continued this trend in college by playing sax in his college’s jazz ensemble and keyboards in its gospel chorus.  On a whim, one of his fellow musicians convinced him to sing in a college talent show during his Freshman year.  He won and he hasn’t looked back since.   As a student at the University of SC, Carlton earned money by performing in shows, sitting in with local bands, and opening for well-known artists such as Tony Terry & Brian McKnight. After graduating and moving to Atlanta, Carlton’s demo was heard by national jazz recording artist, George Howard, who loved his voice and introduced him to some Atlanta-based producers.  This opened the door for Carlton to hone his vocal abilities and develop his recording skills via studio work.  Other highlights include performing for the US Military where both his father and brother served, as well as warming up a crowd of over 20,000 people for one of his favorite singers, Jennifer Hudson.  Today Carlton enjoys writing/recording his own original music, singing with his church and performing with local Atlanta bands.  When he’s not making music, his favorite things to do are traveling and spending time with his wife & teenage son.